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'Elegance' Bundle price £250.00


10 x gumball bubbles

1 x cake table arch

2 x Giant numbers


Available in any colour or design

Individual Prices are:

Gumball Bubbles £22.00 each

Cake table arch £35.00

36" numbers £19.98 per pair

Gumball bubbles are large crystal clear balloons with coloured baby balloons inside them. They look very effective on their own with just a neat little bow at the neck.


The bubbles are available with a few different designs on them Hearts, roses & butterflies, Filigree pattern, stars, balloons & stars, spiderweb, snowflake, & clear.


And, of course, you can choose any colour baby balloons you wish!

An arch will always draw attention to a  focus point in the room.

Whether your cake is to celebrate

a birthday, or anniversary.

It also makes for a great photo opportunity

Giant numbers are available in

Silver, Gold, Black, Magenta, Blue, & Rose Gold.

Always a great favourite