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'Stylish' Bundle Price £380


10 x Speciality Centrepieces

1 x Giant Number arrangement and either :


1 x Tall column

1 x 6 Bubble & Foil balloon arrangement



2 x Tall columns



2 x 6 Bubble & Foil balloon arrangement


Individual prices are:

Speciality centrepieces £27.00 each

Giant Double number arrangement £27.00

Tall columns with topper £55.00

6 balloon arrangement (Bubbles & Foil balloons) £55.00

The Giant Numbers.

This time they do not float, but look awesome in the middle of a buffet table !!

Your 'Stylish' Balloon Bundle can be made in any colour combination you wish.

It  can also be made to any theme you like too.

Flowers, Casino, Hollywood, Disney Princess, Rainbows, Ice Cream, Circus, Jungle etc,


The description '6 x Foil Balloons & bubbles' in an arrangement refers to the balloon arrangement in the background of this photo.

Clearly, If you are choosing a different theme for your balloons, then we will find alternative designs for you to choose from.